The purest sound.

But let me not die without a fight, without true glory, without some deed that men unborn may hear.

Iliad, XXII

From I.M. we present Kleos, a new concept of ligature that provides a sound never Heard before in the world of the musical interpretation.

Manufactured in briar Wood, it gives the sound an exceptional body, great facility of emission and sound projection.

Our product has a double ring system which let the ligature adapt perfectly to the mouthpiece. Also, it offers the possibility to adjust the pressure and the height for the reed.

Kleos I.M. ligature does not strangle the reed. Never was the beginning of the word “ligature” so present. Kleos distributes the pressure homogeneously along the reed, not damaging the fibers and allowing its maximum performance.

Characteristics Kleos I.M.:

  • A matte, delicate and surrounding sound
  • Piercing graves and mattes high-pitched
  • Resounding projection
  • Ease for the emission